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D. Nicole Girls Academy

D. Nicole Girls Academy is a program for girls ages 10-19 that is designed to promote wellness and positive mental health.  It is a 9-month program that delivers a curriculum which covers topics such as STD awareness, self-esteem and confidence, relationships, and taking care of the body.  In addition to our regular program, we offer One-on-One Coaching.


Every young girl undergoes a crucial transitional period as she transitions from adolescence to womanhood. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, “adolescence begins with a wave of brain activity similar to what is seen in newborns.  This change in brain activity may be connected to many of the common challenges teens and their families face, including impulse control and reasoning. Adolescents need a lot of support and guidance as they learn how to fit in to the adult world, similar to the way infants need support to learn how to fit in to the society in which they are born” (Celina Gayeski). 


Girls face issues about identity, peers, and other at-risk behaviors.  Therefore, they need support, coaching, and guidance in order to successfully navigate the journey leading to womanhood. 

Interested in Participating?

If you are interested in participating or know a young girl who would benefit from this program, please visit our Registration Page!

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