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D. Nicole is dedicated to empowering women and girls to become the best version of themselves and find the courage to be true to who they are.
  • Founder of a nonprofit in 2014

  • Former Douglas County Diversion Program Service Provider

  • After School Program Service Provider for 5 Inner-city Schools

  • Provided mentoring and programming for over 150 girls

  • One of three TJ Maxx You Project’s Hero Women

  • Bachelors of Elementary Education

  • Masters of Education Administration

  • Masters of School Counseling graduate student


Demi Nicole and Her Pink Nightgown

Demi Nicole hates her hair! Kids in the neighborhood hurt her feelings by making fun of it.  Demi tries to add things to her hair to make it pretty, but nothing she tries seems to work...except her favorite pink nightgown!  Her nightgown makes her feel like a princess that has long, flowy hair which is everything that she has always dreamed of.  But one day, the pink nightgown disappears!

Will Demi Nicole find her nightgown, or will she just learn to love the hair that she was born with?


"It all began in 2007 as the Chrysalis Ball, a teen girls retreat, organized to educate girls on the socioeconomic issues that they face including STD awareness, the importance of education, self-esteem and confidence, etiquette, and taking care of the body.  Following the retreat, I realized that many of these topics required more than an overnight retreat to thoroughly be addressed and that the girls would strongly benefit from ongoing training sessions.  In August of 2014, the Chrysalides Project was founded and provided programming for over 150 girls in 6 years.  In August 2020, the program was restructured and was renamed the D. Nicole Girls Academy.“ 

The MaxxYou Project

At the end of the April while shopping at TJ Maxx in downtown Chicago, I was invited to share my story, dreams, and aspirations with TJ Maxx for their new campaign, The MaxxYou Project. The Maxx You Project was designed to provide a learning environment for women to shatter traditional gender stereotypes so that they can achieve their unique aspirations.

The winners were invited to attend a workshop led by Laila Ali and Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s SharkTank. On top of that, 3 women are chosen to receive personal mentoring in NY or LA from Laila or Barbara and personal funds helping them achieve their dream.



MaxxYou Project
MaxxYou Project

"I feel the program has helped me with feeling more mature and helped me feel better about myself. It helps me to learn and how to handle situations. It showed me how to lake at different people the right ways. It has also helped my behavior by telling me how to act in certain places."

7th Grade Program Participant

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