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The MaxxYou Project

At the end of the April while shopping at TJ Maxx in downtown Chicago, I was invited to share my story, dreams, and aspirations with TJ Maxx for their new campaign, The MaxxYou Project. The Maxx You Project was designed to provide a learning environment for women to shatter traditional gender stereotypes so that they can achieve their unique aspirations.


The winners were invited to attend a workshop led by Laila Ali and Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s SharkTank. On top of that, 3 women are chosen to receive personal mentoring in NY or LA from Laila or Barbara and personal funds helping them achieve their dream. I WAS ONE OF THOSE WOMEN!

As a grand prize winner of the TJ MaxxYou Project, I received a personal mentoring session from Laila Ali. These are a few pictures from our initial meeting in New York about an hour before the MaxxYou Workshop began where she interviewed me about The Chrysalides Project.
At the end of August, I had my one-on-one mentoring sessions with Laila in Los Angeles. No cameras...just us!  We were interviewed and have an episode on her nationally renowned podcast! I also was interviewed for a TJMaxx commercial that aired during the hit NBC show, This is Us.
Finally, in October, I had the opportunity to share about my experience with the MaxxYou Project in front of Barbara Corcoran and was interviewed by a columnist from Refinery29. I was also one of the first people to go through the MaxxYou Project Lab that was designed to help women pinpoint what their strengths are and maximize them to reach their dreams! Being a part of the MaxxYou Project was a life changing experience!
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