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Meet the Founder

Demetria Ballard grew up in the inner city of North Omaha spending the first 5 years of her life in the Logan Fontenelle Housing Projects.  She later graduated from Omaha North High School and attended college on a basketball scholarship.  Demetria is honored to say that she is a first-generation college graduate!  

Demetria went on to become an inner-city public school educator.  In 2012, she received her master's degree in Educational Administration and is currently working on a Masters in School Counseling.  In 2013, Demetria decided to follow her passion of mentoring youth girls by founding a life skills training program.  She created a 14-week curriculum and provided after-school programming in several elementary and middle schools.  Her program has not only provided a platform to educate and mentor girls but has created long-lasting relationships.  In addition, the D. Nicole Girls Academy has forced Demetria to come out of her comfort zone and share her story.  Her transparency on social media inadvertently developed the authorship of the Demi Nicole Book Series.


D. Nicole was created to empower girls and women to become the BEST versions of themselves:  physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Many women and girls can become stuck in life due to trying to be something they’re not.  Demetria believes that the best thing they can do is find peace within themselves through self-discovery, self-love, and embracing a lifestyle of wellness and positive mental health.   


Demetria Ballard

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