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All weekend, Insecurity declared "Even if you called WBA player Stephanie Curly to help you train, you still wouldn't make the team. Your feet look like boat paddles, and you're tall like a giraffe!"


Demi Nicole is finally fed up. Her friend Insecurity always makes her feel that she isn't good enough. Insecurity is a mean girl that appears to have it all together, but deep inside she doesn't like herself. Every chance she gets, she says hurtful words to Demi Nicole that cause her to feel bad and insecure about herself. Insecurity's sister, Confidence who developed a skin disease called Vitiligo, always tries to encourage Demi Nicole to accept herself for who she is. Confidence knows all too well what it's like to be taunted and teased. Being stared and laughed at for her white spots isn't easy; but she is confident and loves herself anyway!


Will Demi Nicole ever learn to accept herself for who she is?

Demi Nicole - Little Miss Imperfect

SKU: 978-1-7343778-0-4
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